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Automatic Transmission Service

Automatic Transmission Service

Modern automatic transmissions have become very complex and are designed for maximum fuel economy with low exhaust emissions. Further advancements in technology have produced up to six speed overdrive transmissions that are now common on today’s modern fuel efficient motor cars. To ensure a trouble free and economical life, industry authorities recommend more frequent servicing as important preventative maintenance. Most transmission failures are caused by heat and lack of servicing. Heat burns the oil, cooks the seals and causes excessive premature wear on the internal transmission components. Transmission fluid should look clean & red, it should not be dark brown & smell burnt. This would indicate a problem.

If your transmission is slipping or not changing smoothly then don’t delay, book your next Auto Transmission Service with Abbott’s.

Regular Auto Transmission Service extends transmission life.

Auto Transmission ServiceTransmission Service For Auto Transmission Service & Service You Can Trust!

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